Sunday, July 15, 2012

Bird Update

Oh it's all so sad ... one of my birds has flown the nest and the other is heading out.
This is a shot yesterday, I still had both birds cramped in the little nest. It was feeding time and mom and dad were flying in and out all day feeding their hungry brood.

This morning the stronger of the two had flown the nest. Most of today the parents have been hovering the nest encouraging their off spring to launch.

This is at 5 pm. This little fella is ready to fly, but like so many younguns he/she is afraid to make the leap out. Mom and dad are just a few feet away chirping to encourage him/her to come out but as I type I can hear a distant peep ... peep. I imagine tomorrow this one will be gone as well. Then I get the task of removing the dirty, yes very poopy nest! I am still taking all offers if anyone is interested in doing the job!

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