Friday, July 20, 2012


Ugh, Just when I thought it was all over and safe to put the traps away they have re-emerged. Who are THEY you ask, THEY are the MICE. I am so mad!!! Over my birthday weekend my son mentioned he saw mice do do in the bathroom where I feed Miss Betsy Ross. Umm, well it is the bathroom, where do you want the mice to go do do?? Not funny I said to myself. So I put down a trap and poof, caught a mouse. Dang it. Move the dog food and set more traps. Next catch ... the living room. I had set some traps along the wall line from the kitchen to the stair case (where they like to hide.)

While sitting here this morning in my quiet space I began to hear that all to familiar noise. That noise of scurrying around in the cupboards. I got up and moved the traps closer to the sound and left the room. While I was upstairs getting ready to go out into the world I heard Joe's son telling him there was a mouse in the trap ... I new I recognized that sound. Mouse count is now 20 total. It is so gross I could cry. However, crying won't do any good, all I can do is keep patching entry holes, keep food out of their reach and set traps. 
Will they ever be gone? Has anyone out their in blog land ever had a problem like this before??? I am desperate for advice,

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