Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Guess Who I Found!!

I was out yesterday morning doing my doo doo patrol and look who I found??
It's Herbert!! (yep, I named him) I found him in the grass next to the planter! So I picked him up and brought him in the house to ask my husband Joe what do I do with him? I'm frantic ... he can't fly. Should I put him back in his nest??? Yes, he says, put him in the nest. So I do. The I do the smart thing ... I look up baby sparrows on the internet. In big giant letters it say "IF YOU CARE LEAVE THEM THERE!" Meaning, leave the nestlings on they ground, they need to learn to jump to get strong enough to fly! Yikes, back outside I go with my little red chair to get Herbert out of the nest and back in the grass. Can you just visualize all of this going on?? Yes, it really was quite comical. As I moved the nest a bit to get Herbert out he flew to the ground! Yes, he did, he FLEW! I was so proud of him. As late as last evening he was still hopping around in the grass near the finch bird feeder. However, this morning I went out searching for him and so far there is no sign of him. 
Do you think he'll come back for a visit? Will he bring a girlie bird next year to build a nest here? Afterall it is a perfect location. Safe from predators, fresh water, food and a wonderful family lives here that is willing to nurture his babies to almost death!

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  1. Herbert is beautiful!!!!!!! I love the story!!!!!