Monday, July 23, 2012

A Little Gift

After writing my story about the poopy bird nest I received a surprise gift from my friend Penny. Penny lives in a beautiful neighborhood that is rather unique to Southern California. She has a "green belt" running through her back yard, as a matter of fact her entire tract has this feature. Consequently her yard is full of birds, squirrels, frogs and other critters. While trimming a tree she found this little treasure from nature ....
A beautiful, clean nest with one tiny blue speckled egg residing inside. The nest is poop free and made of pine needles on the outer layer and a very fine hair like material where the egg is sitting. It's rather sad, once Penny found the nest she watched it for a couple of days but a bird never returned to it. The tiny speckled blue egg had been abandoned. Where did mama bird go? Was she dinner for a feral cat that roams the back yard? Did she die, or maybe she just opted out of motherhood. Anyway you look at it their is a motherless egg sitting in a nest for the rest of us to ponder over. 
 The bright side of all of this is my 7 year old grandson will be so excited when he sees it. He loves things of nature and will treasure this nest as much as I do.

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