Friday, July 20, 2012

Another B-day Party!!

It's already been a year since I lost my job of twenty two years. Wow, time does go by so quickly. The girls I worked with and I have remained close and in regular contact. We decided to get together and celebrate our birthday's at Downtown Disney!! The other gals have August birthdays so this work out very well.
We began our day at the Rain Forrest Cafe'. Really a fun place and they had the air conditioner on cold!!
Very Mayan ruinish don't you think!  

Here we are ... left is Linda, me and Joan. The 3 of us worked together for a really long time and got along so well. It has been hard to move on without them ...
Ya gotta love the seating!

And our waiter, isn't he just too cute! He didn't want his picture taken but I did it anyway.
 After lunch we decided to walk off our meal. We cruised through the shopping area and ducked into every store to cool off. Yikes it was REALLY hot here today.
Here is Woody at the Lego store. He is made entirely of Lego's and so is everything in the entire picture (except Joan and Linda hehe). So amazing!

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, that is my friend Amy and I up there!!
A little fun with hats ... My daughter's birthday is two weeks from tomorrow and she is a huge baseball fan. I ask you .... what could be better then Mickey Mouse Baseball ears?? She will LOVE this!

Joan's husband Frank has a birthday tomorrow ... she was shopping for a hat. The hat she has on is at the smallest size and look how big it is! She has a little bitty head.
 And finally. I posted earlier today about the mice returning. I have taken a new approach to the whole ordeal.

If I can't beat um I might as well join um. I loved this silly hat, these mouse ears have a tail! Watch out mice, I'm coming in!!

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