Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Cradle Re-do 101

Yesterday I posted a picture of the pink cradle. Today was re-do the cradle day! Rita picked this cute little cradle up at the Goodwill for $8.00. It's solid wood and screwed together with 4 strong screws. Whomever made this little jewel made it to last several doll lifetimes! It so reminds me of the doll furniture my dad made for me when I was small. 
This is all you will need to make the transformation from this .... 
 The pink cradle is ready for her make over!
So we sand it, basically just to rough it up so the paint can adhere.

I am choosing to fill in the holes where the screws were inserted. Wood filler is awesome!

OK, the wood filler is dry and I've sanded it as well to smooth it down. I have it on my well used paint drop cloth (it's really paper!)

First coat is on and dry.

Three coats later it's almost done, I need to sand the patch areas one more time.

Taa Daa! The transformation is complete!! I also washed and tea stained the small quilt I made yesterday. Now all I need is a doll ...
 Or maybe a 
Couple of baby birds!! I caught them napping this afternoon and just couldn't resist taking another picture. I just love watching these little baby sparrows!

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