Friday, July 27, 2012

Longaberger Is Bringing their Pottery Home!

There is a lot of exciting news here at The BEE! I am reaching out today to tell you personally about the biggest news of all: We're coming home!
This morning I announced to BEE attendees that I have made the decision to begin the transition to a completely American-made company again. This transition won't happen overnight. It will happen over the next several years. We've created a team to begin this process and to determine if we can make pottery ourselves, here on our own manufacturing campus in Ohio.
Our baskets have always been American-made — in fact, the majority of our entire product line is American-made. As many of you remember, we used to get our pottery from U.S. sources until 2005, after our primary pottery vendor moved manufacturing overseas and we had to begin importing pottery.
As we transition over the next few years, it's essential that we continue to serve our customers with all of the wonderful products in our current WishList®. The fastest way for us to make the transition to American-sourced products is to have strong sales from our current line — such as the incredible new Flameware that we just introduced here at the Bee!
I've listened to what you and your customers have been saying. Today's announcement shows that we at Longaberger are willing to stand up and help lead the effort to restore the American Dream and create American jobs!

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