Saturday, July 7, 2012

Babies ...

There is something so sweet and innocent about babies. Over this past week I have had the joy of watch my three year old granddaughter explore her world. Everything is new and exciting, even the tiniest bug walking along side the pool had her attention. 
she is a bundle of energy from the moment she opens her eyes until she closes them at night so when she crawled up to sit next to her 
Aunt Tiffany yesterday after hours in the pool I was shocked.
She had her aunties cell phone and was playing Angry Birds. Lexi was wet, her hair was drippy but the cuddling was worth it, just ask her auntie Tiffany!
 While the kids were here we had a birth!! Yes, the baby birds I blogged about a few weeks ago were born. Austin (my grandson) came running in the house yesterday all excited, the baby birds were chirping for food! 

They are just a pile of fuzzy little feathers! I think there are 4, it's kind of hard to tell. Notice all the poopie, mama bird is not a very good house keeper!

It's feeding time! Daddy bird flies in and mama takes off for a break while he serves dinner. It has been so fun watching how this little family operates.

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