Sunday, July 8, 2012

Summer Quilt ...

Things have quieted down quite a bit here at the Taylor home. Joe and I went to breakfast this morning for my belated birthday traditional breakfast and boy was it delicious! After we got home I picked up the house and thought it was a perfect time to cut out my "Summer Civil War" quilt. It's a three month project with the first part consisting of nine 8 1/2 blocks.
So far so simple ... several half square triangles that develop into this .... 
This is called a Civil War Star or a Le Moine Star and for all I know some other stars as well!! 
There are also a few of these, a box in a box blocks. Stay tuned for the remaining blocks. As you can already see this is going to be an Americana quilt, however, you will be surprised at what comes next month!

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