Thursday, July 26, 2012

Out and About in the OC ...

It's been a very busy week here in Orange County! Tuesday my daughter Tiffany and I went to an Angels baseball game - woo hoo. However, we lost to Kansas City 4 to 1, such a bummer. While the rest of the country is sweltering in 100 plus degree heat we were COLD at the game. Burrr, the wind was blowing and for July it was just plain cold.
She has got to be one of their #1 fans, how perfect was this sign to place above her head. 

Here is a great picture of both of us, don't you agree. This is what happens at the end of the night after a long day ... we just get a little loopy. Tiff is showing her dentist his great dental work!! It was also Albert Pulos Free hat night so we were with 35,000 twins!

And I ask you, what is better then a rally monkey to get you fired up at the Angels games???? 
hotflops Baseball Youth Flip-Flop Sandals
Maybe a pair of ridiculous flip flops! 

I was up bright and early on Wednesday to head for the Orange Quilt Bee to quilt with the ladies! I never seem to get a whole lot accomplished but I really have a great time! 
Penny and Emily! Emily is busy piecing blocks, this is going to gorgeous once its finished!

Surprise! Caught taking phone calls. Can you believe fall is just around the corner?? How do I know?? There is a Halloween quilt on the wall!

Oh no, no. No pictures ...

OK, I won once again! Look at Penny over on the right sneaking out the door. I just love this shop, the owners are so sweet and friendly. If you're in Orange County you should stop in and check the shop out.

And away we go. Headed for home and following Penny out of the lot.

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