Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Stinky, Swimming and More ...

I have a Stinky update. He had two nasty tumors removed and came home like a drunk from a night out on the town. After the medicine wore off he was much like his old self except he has to wear a "cone" to keep him from chewing on his stitches.
He's very interested in Shawn's new shoes! So, out of 12 total tumors two were removed. He is still one sick puppy but the bleeding is under control.

Aunt Tiffany and Alexia are enjoying some time together in the pool. Far away Grandma (that's my name) heated up the pool and they are LOVING it!

After an expensive trip to Walmart ... yes it can get expensive there when take kids! Austin came home with a Lego Snake Battle. Here it is all assembled. He loves his Lego's!

Tiffany and Lacey are conspiring ... My birthday is tomorrow and I can hear some chatter behind me that I probably shouldn't!

I LOVE this picture. Shawn and Austin are watching the Angel's play baseball on TV. They are both biting their bottom lips. Austin really likes his maybe someday Uncle Shawn!

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