Thursday, August 2, 2012

Sewing Room Update

I have been a very busy girl. While my step son was here for the summer I had him busy, busy, busy. One chore was to build another bookcase for my sewing room for what else??? Fabric storage!! I also purchased a shelf and a mirror from Lois's estate sale and with Joey's help I got the hung as well.
My new mirror! I just love it ... the spindles are so unique. You can't see them but there are several hooks on the frame, not quite sure what I am going to hang on them yet ...

I have moved Ms Betsy Ross the wall where I sew! I love her quirky look and it gives me joy to see her while I sew. Below her is my new shelf. It has a great brass bar below which I feel confident will hold something lovely very soon!

Ta da, my new bookcase. These are the "pretty" shelves! On the lower 3 are fabrics, books and project boxes ... not so pretty but very necessary!! 
I hope you enjoyed my little tour, have a great day!

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