Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sewing 102

Sometimes it's good to be around a new quilter/sewer. Their enthusiasm is infectious. I have a couple of friends who are beginning to sew and yesterday they were both here working on projects. Pam had signed up for a beginning quilters class only to realize she had forgotten the fundamentals of her sewing machine! I invited her over to review the basics and to get comfortable sewing on her machine before attending her first class. Success was achieved! She finished 3 pillow cases giving her two sets for Christmas gifts! As her teacher I gave her homework to do (isn't that what all teachers do??) She is to cut out and complete another pillowcase on her own. Will she do it?? Absolutely! She's a good student.
Since I had one I might as well have two so I gave Tanya, my other newbie a jingle and offered a sewing day. She jumped at the chance and arrived ready to go. After creating a table runner out of "convenience" cloth for her mom she was on a roll! I gave her a small charm pack with instructions, she was able to get them laid out and strips sewn together before we ended for the day. All in all the ladies were very successful! Tanya's next step will be to learn directional pressing and pinning, oh what fun! Once they have their projects completed I will post some pictures to share.
Watching the two of them reminded me how far I have come in the four years I have been quilting ... or maybe it's been 5 ... I don't even know anymore. It's rough getting old!

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