Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Day with an Old Friend ...

A very dear friend of mine is in California for the next couple of weeks visiting family and friends. She and her husband moved to Iowa a couple of years ago when they both retired, the purpose was to be closer to their daughter, two adorable grandsons and a slower pace of life!
Well today was my day for our visit and to celebrate our summer birthdays! Penny was here as well as we have a history of crafting together! We had so much fun laughing at our mistakes, sharing family stories and our goals for the future ... yes even at our ages we have goals and dreams!!
Eileen was in charge of today's craft. We worked on an Advent Calendar ...
Here is Eileen, our creative genius!

We are very busy here ... creativity is a messy job!
 This is Penny's ... at this point we have done 4 steps! This is an extremely multi-stepped project.
And here is mine several steps and hours later ... only 11 more squares to go! Hopefully I'll get it completed before Christmas and get a picture posted.

Eileen's birthday is on the 24th, I made her an Americana double sided quilt table topper.

Great minds think alike .... Penny made Eileen a Christmas quilt table topper!

This is the reverse side of the one I made. Eileen loved them both and was busy deciding where she was going to hang them when she gets home.  
Our day together came to a close all to quickly. Seems like whenever you're anxiously waiting for something it takes forever to get here and then it's gone in an instant ... do you ever feel that way???

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  1. I'm so glad you ladies had a wonderful visit! I love the quilts!