Monday, August 20, 2012

A Wedding ....

This will be just a quick post as I have just returned home from a 96 hour wedding marathon and I'm exhausted!
My 30 year old son, Dustin and his beautiful fiance' Lacey were married in the absolutely gorgeous Napa Valley this past Saturday. 
I am a child of the 50's and raised in a very Catholic home. I raised my two children in the same way, including12 years of Catholic school. So when 8 years ago Mother's Day my son came to me with "the news" he and Lacey were expecting a child. Of course my first response was when are you getting married? His reply, "we're not, At least not right now." I have always loved my children without conditions, I raised them to be independent and strong ... they both are! I did my job very well, some have said maybe too well!
Over these 8 years I  have grown very close to Lacey, she is strong, loyal and a patient, devoted mom to their now three children. Yes, I said 3! After each one I always hoped a wedding would occur. The baby will be 4 next month ... as in everything my son has done the wedding was in his way and in his own time. And ... it was stunning.
After several years of praying for this day it was finally here and God was there in all his magnificence. 
It took a 7 year old boy (my grandson's cousin) to put all these years into perspective.
The night prior to the wedding several of the families children were together and as children do they were talking. The question came up asking why Lacey and Dustin weren't already married because they had children. Little Cameron said he new the reason. "Because they new Austin, Karlee and Lexi wanted to be a part of their wedding." Tears welled in my eyes, this child could see life so purely without prejudices, judgements and religious dogma. I wish I had spoken to Cameron years ago, he could have provided me with such valuable insite ....
Over the next few days I will be posting pictures from the wedding and our travel experiences. 
Austin left and Cameron my 7 year old Guru! Or "Two small men in Black!"

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