Saturday, August 11, 2012

PS ... Bemis

A few days ago this city girl asked if anyone new what the word Bemis meant. It's written in giant letters on this awesome pumpkin...

 I waited a few days and have received zero response. So, I went on line and typed in Bemis and guess what I learned????
Bemis extra heavy seamless are grain sacks! Yep, these sturdy burlap type of bags were used for grains. There are lots of them on Ebay - (bags) not pumpkins. Now I want to hope that if I lived in the mid-west or the nations "bread basket" that I would know what this was all about. So today at my Longaberger party I had Mr. Pumpkin sitting on my table and when someone asked me what Bemis meant I proudly said (with an air of knowledge) it's a grain sack!

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