Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Is it a Bird, is it a Plane ... NO it's a mouse!

My saga with mice continues. I am still catching these little gifts from God in the house ... but fewer then before. Now I am finding them outside in droves! I just don't understand why there are so blasted many of them. 
A few days ago I was hand watering the flowers out front since my "dog" house guest ripped out my entire electrical sprinkler system. While watering I saw a tiny baby mouse run into the geraniums. I bent down and moved the branches and several of these "gifts from God" scattered. Great, now they are only steps away from the front door, they are so tiny they can probably come in right under the door since the weather stripping has been gone since the house was painted 3 years ago. Oh joy.
Yesterday morning I was gazing out the kitchen window wondering where my Finches have gone. Their feeder is full and swaying in the wind, usually I have 20 or more clinging on for dear life! As I stare I notice the ivy rustling around below the feeder. Oh! That's where the birds are, in the ivy eating the thistle off the ground. Nope, no birds. As I go out and take a closer look ... it's mice, yep lots of little baby mice dangling on ivy leaves eating the thistle that falls from the feeder. Great, no birds, now I'm feeding birdmice. 
Now today I'm fixing my husbands dinner and again I'm gazing out the window. (I seem to do that a lot don't I?) I see something strange on the dangling feeder socks. OMG, you have got to be kidding me ....
Yes my friends, this is a birdmouse!

They climb the rose bush and jump onto the feeder socks. I do have to admit it's a cute little guy. As I got closer he took off running straight down the sock and fell to the ground. So, tomorrow the finch feeder comes down. I have got to get these guys under control! 
 In closing I need to report that when I returned to the house I went into the kitchen and found what else? Yep, a baby mouse stuck to the trap. Gotta love um, they just don't give up.

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