Friday, August 24, 2012

Answers .... A Winner ... A Wedding ....

Good Evening! As Joe and I sit and watch the Angels Baseball game I said to myself, "self this is a perfect time to blog!" So here I go!
First, the answers to the little game my doggie posted yesterday.
Windmills on Hwy 580 near Livermoore ....

St Helena, Hwy 29 - There are 3 of these in the Napa Valley so this was tricky! Good job Betsy!

This gave EVERYONE trouble, all the small towns look alike! Welcome to: 
 This is the town the wedding was held in at the Solage Resort. Beautiful place, just ask the dog, she was a guest there. The humans stayed at the Eurospa (absolutely nothing Euro about it either)

This place was another challenge. Located right on Hwy 29 is the West Coast Culinary Arts Institute. One awesome place. You can have lunch or dinner there, prepared by the students. They also offer cooking classes for kids. No Betsy, no dogs are allowed at the cooking school ....

Jelly Belly is in Fairfield, CA. There is also a factory in Wisconsin.

And finally, the Napa Valley Wine Train. We had dinner Sunday evening and it was amazing. I selected a poached salmon with creamy risotto and baby shrimps. This was a 5 course meal and we were all stuffed to the gills when we left the train. This is a must do if you are ever in the Napa area.
A winner ... roll the drums .... she worked very hard finding the answers and came up with 4 of the 6! Woo, hoo Congratulations Tanya Mecham! I hear you won a doll quilt, Betsy will deliver it personally, she's heading out the door as I write.

The Wedding 8/18/12
We're almost there! I'm driving and taking pictures ... at least I'm not texting!!

This is the official Calistoga Water Truck, I was following him to the Solage!

Grandma and her little man, don't you just love his little ascot?

The Groom
Waiting for his bride ....

The vows are said ...

Our reception room is ready ...

My table ....

My seat (my feet are killing me by now!)

The Bride ... no way-you're kidding me!

 The bikes came with their room, they say just married isn't that too cute!
Very odd looking bride and groom ...
Thanks for stopping by and sharing in our special day.

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