Thursday, August 30, 2012

Has Anyone Seen my Tail??

What a day. I rolled out of bed on the run today and many hours later I have finally sat down.  I will be hosting my Longaberger Fall Open House on Saturday and that always takes a lot of time, energy and brain power to prepare for! Today was pricing day, my least favorite chore, but a very necessary one to do!! Well, I'm done, it took hours, but it's finally done. Along with this my husbands long time law partner dropped by for a visit so there was a stall in the work process and then seconds after he left I had a friend stop by! Tomorrow I head to the grocery store to get that task done then the cooking starts! Oh my goodness, there is still so much to do!

Update on a few items. My friend Kim who is battling breast cancer received some good news! Finally .... she does not have a staph infection! Woo Hoo, she officially has a nasty radiation burn but she is taking care of herself and is on the road to recovery.

My husband had to take a written test at the DMV in order to renew his drivers license. After worrying about it for several days I am happy to report that he passed. He didn't miss one answer just like I predicted. I should be a psychic! He is the biggest worry wart I have ever know and for no reason.
So with all of that being said all is well here in Fullerton. If you are in the area stop by my open house and get a new wish list, a bite of yummy food and you might even win a prize!

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