Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Getting the Girls out and About ...

How do you keep 3 women and a 3 year old child entertained for an hour and a half?? Put them in a quilt shop with a nice air conditioner! I introduced Pam, Tanya and little Olivia to Stars and Scraps Quilt shop this morning. We arrived when it opened and by 11:30 we were finally heading out the door. Oh my goodness, such great fabrics and fun things to make for the upcoming seasons.
Tanya's forking over the money to buy her new stash of fabrics. She is planning to make a "fallish" table square for her new antique oak table.

Pam and Olivia! The shop girls were so helpful, they kept Olivia busy coloring beautiful pictures for mommy. That way mommy could spend money on nice Christmas fabrics.

Most of the shop girls busy cutting and folding. Olivia's art teacher is in the back room!

 Can you tell by their faces that the sun is VERY bright??? Since no one can open their eyes! It was a mere 109 degrees as well, yikes!!
We had a lot of fun and we each found something to keep us busy at our sewing machines. Mom had to be on her way to Olivia off the fun Camp and Tanya and I were off the purchase a bag of ratty looking Putz sheep. Wait until you see them cleaned up!

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