Thursday, August 23, 2012

Travel Log by Betsy ...

Whew! I'm pooped out. All the traveling can really wear a little doggie out! Just wait until you see and hear about the wedding trip from my point of view.
Hi! It's me, Betsy! And here's my best friend Joe, he's also my pop! He doesn't look to happy, he's not, he just found out I've been evicted from our hotel. Yep, Mr. Bill said NO dogs! So I showed him, I told mom to call my bro Dustin (the groom) and see if I can bunk with him. She did and yeseree bob he said yes!! I was allowed to stay at the 5 star Solage resort!! Woo hoo, had my own private yard, spa, bottled water, kids to sleep with, it was awesome!!!
Now we're going to play a little game ... where am I??? Cuz I really don't know and I could sure use some help here!
These are the weirdest birds I've EVER seen! Any idea where they were???

Now this place smelled really good! I hung my head out the window for a sniff or two. What town are we in?

Cute car, I'd look really spiffy sitting in it don't ya think? Tell me where I am so I can go see it again!!

Ohh la la, this place is HUGE! Do you know what or where it is?

This is my bro Shawny (he lost his tooth, hehe)  Mom and the kids went to eat Jelly Beans ... I didn't get ANY, they're not for dogs I was told. What town were they in??

Another place I didn't get to go inside of, looked like fun though. Where or what is it??

NO DOGS allowed at the wedding. Bummer, this looks like it would have been so much fun and so many people to lick! Mom will blog about all of this tomorrow ... Yikes, here she comes and she hates it when I sneak on the computer. Gotta go! Oh, I forgot, name all 6 places and who ever wins will get one of moms doll quilts sent to them by me!! I stole one when she wasn't looking, there are so many of them around here she'll never miss it! Leave your answers in the comment section below! Toodles for now....


  1. windmill and Gott's by San Fran
    Jelly Belly-Fairfield
    where you stayed-calisloga
    train ride-napa valley wine train

  2. Your favorite little town you would move to. Darn it I cant remember the name of the town... Ralph