Saturday, August 11, 2012

A Lovely Longaberger Day!

In spite of the incredibly hot, muggy weather the Longaberger/Birthday parties went wonderfully well. Well, for the most part it did. My party helper, Tanya stopped and picked up balloons for the birthday girl. I tied them to the chalk board on the front porch then quickly ran off the rescue the mail man at the curb. As I jogged back up to the porch I watched the balloons lift off into space! OMG, I'm running after them telling them to stop, really, I mean really do I think balloons can hear? And if they could how are balloons filled with helium going to come down? Oh wow, if this is a sign of how the day is going to go I'm in deep dodo. Fear not, after a rocky start the rest of the day was great!

Our first birthday girl is Patty and her granddaughter Arianna. Patty is wearing her new Minnie Mouse head band! It lights up too!!

Our other birthday girl is Kim! Kim celebrated her 47th birthday yesterday.
We had red velvet cake filled with butter cream and iced with whipped strawberry icing ... nope, no calories here!!

And food ... fresh fruit, pasta salad with salami, chips and Turkey Tortilla Wraps. Oh yum!!

Of course lots and lots of presents ... and oh ya, we even had a Longaberger party!  
New friends Arianna and Olivia!

My favorites ... Jewel, she 92 and such a trooper, my husband Joe and the blog master Betsy!

Here we all are, filled to the brim with food, cake and laughter. Such a great group of ladies. A final thought, as I looked at this picture I just have to giggle. The sign on the bookcase reads "Simplify" ... there is absolutely nothing in this house that is simplified! I have great intentions ... does that count?

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  1. I had a wonderful time! One of the best birthday parties ever! Thank you so much to everyone! It was so nice to see everyone dressed in pink. 3 more days to go!