Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Post #2 for Wednesday

Tomorrow morning at early thirty I'm taking the friendly skies to Ohio. A group of my Longaberger Collector's Club member's and myself will be attending our annual event this Saturday. Friday we will go to Ohio's Amish Community for a day of shopping, eating, shopping, site seeing, eating and shopping. Do you think we are doing some shopping?? Great place for Prims, quilt shops and comfort foods! 
My dear friend Penny offered her Quilter's Companion for my use on an upcoming trip. Since I had it I decided to check out Amish Quilt shops, after all I'm going to be there anyway - hehe.
 That's me, driving the car looking for the best Civil War shops!
 Gramma Fannie's here we come, woo hoo Friday 10:00 am at Gramma's door ready to shop. Right there in the ad is says "Civil War" fabrics! AWESOME!
A few days ago I posted some quilts that I recently picked up from the long arm quilter. Here is a couple of them all done, washed and hanging up.
 This little quilt is a pattern from Sheryl at Temecula Quilt Co. The fabric is Battle Hyme and I love it! This colors just "mush" together so nicely.
 This little one is called Prairie Winds from Country Sampler. These fabrics are from the American Spirit collection, I love all of them as well. So many fabrics, so little time ... oh sigh.
So my blog a sphere, I will be silent for a few days while I travel east. When I return I'm sure I will have many exciting adventures to post. Have a wonderful weekend.

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