Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Bit of my Ohio Treasures ....

Greetings! This will be my final post from my Ohio trip. I did some shopping of course and as promised here are a few of my treasures. I did travel by air and this only allowed me very limited space to get my finds home. Thus, I had to shop wisely!
I found these darling little Putz sheep in Amish Country, I love sheep, even raised them for awhile. However, these are so much easier to care for.
 And here is Ms. Betty Lamp. I also found this in Amish hanging all alone in a dusty corner. The oil container flap is up and I have a tiny flicker light inside that glows at night. This one is hanging on my family room mantle.
 A couple of my favorite treats ... Mrs. Miller's Homemade Noodles as well as her delicious raspberry jam. See how tiny they are, this way you don't eat to much hehe! The little fence was made by an elderly Amish gentleman. He sold his wares at Hershberger's Truck Farm. So many adorable things, he had a doll crib that I would have bought in a minute if I could have brought it home. My doll quilts would have loved to be cozied up in there!! I visualize my heard of sheep gathering inside this fence in the near future.
 This is so typical of me. As I prepared to leave for Ohio I made a mental note "I'm not purchasing any baskets while I'm back there this trip" ... Ya right. I say this EVERY time and EVERY time I come with more then one. The Vegetable basket was a treasure from an Amish antique shop. I have been on the prowl for early 80's baskets with the darker stain. This one was on the floor holding a lot of cookie cutters. I emptied them out and found a price tag of $25.00!! Yike! It's mine, I know, I know I said no baskets but ....
Then I find out Tami and Rachel are signing baskets ... I gotta get a basket and quick! Tami singed in silver and Rachel's is above it in black. OK, two baskets that's not so bad. Oh my gosh, I love that pink handbag and the price is AMAZING for the event. I pass it by, then Kim buys, one ... I still pass it by. Towards the end of the day I'm sitting in a nice soft chair and a worker comes by with an arm full of them, she stacks them next to my chair and says these are the last of them. Oh geeze, gotta have one now. OK, I'm out of control, so let's just go with it. I go outside with Kim to look at something she's in love with and what do I find??? That cute 1981 tea basket with a handle, how much I ask, are you ready for this, $10.00! Are you kidding me, I've got to  have it. The oldies are still my very favorites, now I have a total of 4 at home woo hoo.
And tucked in the back is an unstained basket hand woven by Larry Longaberger. It's woven the original way, the way J.W. wove over 100 years ago. The basket is woven from maple while the handle is made from oak. Something the company stopped doing long ago. This is a true heirloom, a basket truly woven by one of Dave's brothers. I paid more for this then any of them but I just couldn't pass it by. Getting baskets home is never easy but some how I managed. Thank you taking my trip with me via my blog. Hopefully you can join me in person next time!!

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