Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My Grandbabies Have Arrived!!

I woke up this morning to the sound of little voices! They were in Papa Joe's office chatting up a storm with papa. I love to hear them, especially when they aren't crying or fighting!
We're having some on and off rain today so we took a little road trip to Target (kids love it there) ...
Here we come, ready or not! This is Lacey and Alexia, Lexi is wearing the butterfly wings! 
Our next stop was Nordstrom Rack so mommy could do some shopping. I let the older kids climb in the back of the car to play with their new Target toys while we waited for mommy.
 Austin is working on his Ninja Lego ... he is really good at putting these guys together at break neck speed.
 And this is Karlee with her new rabbit that has yet to get a name. It's actually pretty cute, it hops, wiggles it's tail and makes funny little bunny noises. She is very happy with him.
While waiting for mommy Lexi decided to konk out and take a little bird nap. She has been such a good three year old today. Anyone who spends much time with toddlers knows this isn't always the case!

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