Thursday, May 17, 2012

To Market, To Market ....

May is Farmers Market month in Longaberger! A few of our classic favorites are all dressed up in their summer colors, however, if you love the classic stains as I do then you will be excited to learn that all three of the Market Feature baskets are available in our Warm Brown, Rich Brown and Black stains! Woo hoo for people like me. Also, both lids that accompany the Market Baskets are available with the adorable knife, fork and spoon knob. AND, if you LOVE these adorable knobs they too can be purchased separately. This will allow you to "freshen up" an existing canister set!
This is a warm brown lid designed to fit the Market Double Berry basket. Tell me that knob it just not the cutest thing!

Sorry for the fuzzy exposure. Here is a shot of the Double Berry Basket in Warm Brown with swinging handles with two Berry Bowls. I love the Sage green, it reminds me of strawberry baskets!

And finally our Cosmopolitan mix! Now don't say "I don't drink." This mix is GREAT mixed with Seven Up, or Soda Water. Also very yummy mixed in a blender to create a slushy style drink to enjoy on a hot summer day.
If you are interested in any of these items or would like to receive a flyer just send me a quick email message at
Have a very blessed day!

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