Saturday, May 5, 2012

Oh What a Day!

Sometimes when living in Southern California we forget that we do have some fabulous old homes with a wonderful story. Well I was gently reminded of that fact today while on a walking home tour of historic Tustin. 
 Here are my guides ... it takes two to keep me on track! Rita and Penny have the guide books in hand and have plotted out a course of action. So off we go.
 Welcome to the Vanderlip-Allen House, I loved all the buntings! This was a marvelous home with a lot of beautiful upgrades while paying attention not to destroy the historic value of the home. 
 This adorable bright red truck was parked in the driveway, notice all of the flowers loaded in the trucks bed. This was another favorite of mine!
 Totally California! This little Spanish style bungalow are very common in the sunshine state. They were inexpensive to build and generally housed the lower middle classes. However, this little charmer has been re-done from head to toe and it was darling. The lot was huge and included a beautiful vegetable garden as well as an Angels Baseball fan! Yep, the garage was all decked out for a die hard Angels fan - here is a family after my own heart.

 Check out those ruby red hooves! Meet Ben and Jerry, they arrived from the Yellow Brick Road just in the nick of time. My feet and knees were barking and greatly in need of a ride. I'm hanging out here with Jerry, I love horses and they will always hold a very special spot in my heart. I know this sounds very weird but I really find the smell of sweaty horses comforting, it conjours up memories of very happy times.
 Another cute little home with a huge backyard. We didn't spend to much time here since they had a young lady from Tustin High School singing ... very LOUDLY. God love her she was giving it her all, just to much, much to much.
 Don't ask me how I did this but I did, I forgot to take a picture of the front of this house/business. Yes, this is the dental office of Dr. Meek Orthodontist. Wow, I'm calling Monday and scheduling an appointment for braces! This place was so awesome.

  Dr. Meek hired and interior decorator to re-do his entire office to reflect the period style of the home. Every room was just amazing, and we got a FREE tooth brush and chap stick! 
 Included in the home tour we were privileged to view some wonderful classic cars. This little 1913 wooden pick up truck was my favorite. It sparkled both inside and out!
Now, I can hear you asking "where are those quilts?" Well, I guess I read it wrong. There were quilts ... on display at the church. And, some of the homes had a few quilts on a chair or a wall but nothing new or fabulous. I was disappointed, but it passed after seeing so many wonderful homes, cars and .... a visit to the local quilt shop! YES, we did, we went to the Flying Geese quilt shop and yes, I found some fabric! In our defense we were looking for the old hardware store (never did find it) but found fabric instead.
Our hat is off to Tustin, they know how to throw a home tour!!

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