Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mouse lock out ...

Things are lookin up here at the mouse house! After catching a nest of babies I think things are coming to a close .... at least I'm hoping so. "Juan" my Orkin man was here Monday to drop off some more traps. He thinks we've just about got them all so I hope he's right. My new task has been to close up the entry points. Here are a few shots of what I have been up to.
This is what I've been dealing with ... mouse droppings, shreds of paper towel for their nests, and traps! See the white globs? This stuff is amazing, you spray it out of a can into a space you want to seal up. As it dries it expands and fills in the hole. This is under my sink, I have now cleaned the droppings again, scrubbed it with Lysol and pray we are done.

This is the side of my house on the exterior ... I call this my house with acne! Really, really bad acne!

Everyone agrees that this is probably their entry point. Their was a whole here for an old oven vent. It was filled in with steel wool and sealed but has been exposed for years causing the seal to wear out. NO one is getting through this hole now! After the foam "cures" I can remove the excess and paint it. Who knew mice could be so much trouble??? Ick, ick, ick is all I have to say.

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