Saturday, May 26, 2012

An Eagle with a Story

One day while Paula and I were in Quincy we visited an antique shop. I wandered through with my critical eye and thought "cool, there is nothing I have to have!" Whooo, not so fast. I look down and see a cast iron eagle candle holder. Oh, I love it. I show it to Paula and she gets a funny look on her face. 
Isn't this great!  
 Well, here is the story this eagle has to tell. Paula purchased this at a garage sale while she lived in Southern California. Used it for quite awhile and after re-doing her home decided to sell it with several other items to a friend in Quincy. Time marches on and bam he ends up in someone else's antique shop. I decide not to buy it. The next day I tell Paula I want her eagle, so back we go to the shop. He has no price on him nor is the owner of the eagle in the shop. So, they call her for a price, he is $14.00 .... now he is mine.
I bring him back to the house and share my purchase with my husband Joe. He loves it! Wants to know where I will hang him and makes a request that he find a home where he (Joe) can look at him. Meaning, not my sewing room or a guest room. Once he is placed in his new home I will post a new picture. 
Even in a little antique shop in Quincy I can find the one piece Paula and I will have in common.

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