Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Checking out Quincy

 Good morning! Well the 5 of us headed out into the metropolis of Quincy yesterday. What a quaint town full of charm and history, I took most of my pictures of the things that interested me the most.
Quincy is nestled in the Plumas National Forest where you guessed it, logging and milling is the number one industry. Quincy has a huge lumber mill and the next few pictures are of the prepared logs. They water these 24 hours a day to keep the wood moist and to prevent it from splitting.

I love this picture. The background is of the mountains covered in trees with the foreground stacked with enormous logs!

Another stack, these piles were everywhere! As I was standing on the tail gate of Darrell's truck taking pictures a nice young man approached us to see if we were interested in taking a tour! We did not, but it was such a nice gesture.   
Here is the Quincy court house. A truly beautiful building, the inside foyer is completely done in white marble. Notice Miss Betsy Ross and Joe, she looks so tiny in this picture!
 Amy, this picture is for you! My friend Amy also lives in a small quaint town in Wyoming. Amy has very strong feelings about shopping local and avoiding chain stores. I know she will appreciate this sign! Quincy has one fast food shop, Subway. They also have a few other chain type stores but they are very small.
And my final favorite thing were these awesome barn quilts. This was a project created through a grant with the 4 H Youth Development Program. As a quilter and a lover of old barns this was right up my ally. Follow along as I share these beautiful pieces of art. The above block is Cups & Saucers.
Here is the Harvest Star Block! I love this red barn!

Timber Trees is on the Bresciani Barn, hence the double B's.

This is the Double Pinwheel on an 1868 barn

And my all time favorite and the hardest barn to photograph is the Americana Star! This barn was built is 1851 and is still a working ranch barn!

Mom, are we there yet???
Hope you enjoyed my barns and logs. We're going to Chico, Oroville and conclude our day in Paradise, yep it's a town.

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