Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Make Over Maddness!

I like to take things and convert them into something else. Just because I'm tired of a picture, a jar or a rusty piece of yard art doesn't mean I need to throw it away or take it to my local Goodwill store. More times then not I will look at it for awhile, mull it over if you will until something forms in my mind and away I go! So, while I was in Quincy watching Paula set up her garage sale tables I snatched up a few her her cast off treasures.
 I love this piece. Paula purchased it at a thrift store (I think.) It was a picture that she took apart with the intentions of doing something wonderful with it. So I rescued it! I have tea stained it a couple of times and now I and piecing it. Eventually it will be a wall sized quilt. The blue on the sides doesn't really look that bright, don't quite know what's up. I will send another pic when it's complete. So far I'm really loving it.
Next up, this cute little metal mini quilt rack. This was silverish in color until I hit with the black spray paint. Then I dug around in my fabric scraps and made a little Civil War hanging quilt. Not sure where it is going but I love it too!
OK, back to the recycle bin to see what I can come up with next!

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