Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Qunicy - Morning, Day 2

Before the four of us head out to explore beautiful down town Quincy I wanted to post some more pics of the Brown home! Today I will share the remainder of the downstairs. Get a cup of coffee, and settle into a comfy chair and enjoy the next few minutes.
I LOVE this sunny breakfast room! Paula is busy preparing a feast of eggs, sausages, fresh fruit, orange juice and homemade blueberry muffins.! I told Joe not to get to used to this.
 Here's the cook, busy in her yummy smelling kitchen.
Darrell calls this area the hall of doors ... There are 4 doors in this small area, one to the garage, the laundry room, a bathroom, and the pantry. At one time there was also a door that covered the the servants stairs ....
 The back stairs ... these are the stairs for Paula and Darrell the servants, hehe. And these are the stairs for Anita, Joe and Miss Betsy.
 We have the beautiful oak hand rails and tread plates. This shot is from the front door looking inside.

Paula has adorable doll quilts lining the back staircase walls ...

This is the red side, LOVE it!

 On the front stairs (my side) at the first landing is this Uncle Sam vignette.

OK bloggers, they are loading the car to head out and I don't want to miss out. I'll be back soon.....
PS Before I forget to tell you. The Brown's had a welcoming committee for us when we arrived, a snake! Yep he came to greet us but Paula freaked out and sent him packing!

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