Saturday, September 28, 2013

When you Least Expect it .....

I'm a "doer" not an observer! So when I found myself at the emergency room on Wednesday evening it was not what I had planned. After numerous exams and vital exams I was having a CAT scan at mid-night. That was so fun, drinking a half a cup of cranberry infused medicine was not my idea of an evening snack. By 2:00 my doctor was standing bedside informing me I would be in surgery at 6:00 am. Wow, things were moving rapidly and I was not liking the idea of surgery at all. At 8:00 I was in recovery and beginning to wonder what the heck just happened!
It was Thursday morning and I had plans. I was going to pick out my fall pumpkins and begin decorating my front porch. Instead I was feeling dopey and drugged and lying in a hospital bed! I won't bore you with the gory details ... I just wanted to share some highlights.

This was my first new adornment. I was extremely dehydrated so they hooked me up to an IV as soon as I entered the emergency room. I am especially fond of these, they hurt, are always in they way and make it very difficult to sleep!
As part of a hospital stay you are poked with needles A LOT! Since the right hand was housing the IV network they found it necessary to only utilize my left arm for removing my blood.

By this morning my arm is now a nice solid purple. I can't believe these nurses draw blood all day every day and this is they best they can do!
 For my first 12 hours I was feasting on an all water/IV diet. By Thursday evening I was indulging in chicken broth, hot tea, jello, V8 juice and SlimFast! Wow, I was now on a stage 2 diet, yum!
I do have to say the hot chicken broth was yummy. My throat was raw from the tube they inserted during surgery and the soup was so soothing. Is anyone jealous of my meal??
The highlight of my stay were my visitors ....

My ever faithful husband Joe was always with me. The three hours sitting in the ER, the after surgery marathon and bringing me home. My daughter Tiffany also came after work to make sure the hospital was treating her mom well. 
 I'm home now and on my way to recovery. I have to stay on a liquid diet for a few more days and I can't drive so I am really house bound. However, it won't be long before I'm out and about and shopping for my pumpkins!

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