Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Fall is Reported to Arrive in 12 Days ...

I was reading the news this morning and learned that Fall will officially arrive on September 21. With the heat we've been experiencing I am sooooo ready for the cool mornings and evenings fall brings with it. I did notice yesterday afternoon that the sun was casting that "golden" glow that is so common in the autumn months. A warmer, cozier sun instead of the intense bright shine of summer. 
 With a changing season just around the corner I thought I had better get busy and create something for Halloween. Since this is not my favorite holiday of the year I like to tweak my decor' a bit to fit my style!
This year I have been playing with pots ... yep, pots!
The fella on the left is my scary version ... he has no nose while the gal on the right is a much happier pot!

My silly long legged crow is hangin with the pots!

A shot through the kitchen window....
 I think these guys will be a lot of fun to have sitting outside on the patio. I'm just not into scary!

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