Saturday, September 21, 2013

It's Here!! It's Finally Here!

Yes it is! For all of you cooler weather, fall lovin, leaf peepin folks Autumn officially arrived today and I am thrilled! To commemorate this special day I weeded and dead headed my summer flowers in the cool of the morning and brought out my metal pumpkin family. All 3 of them as well as the corn stalks have found their favorite spot in my front yard. Over the next few weeks the colors of Autumn will begin to emerge in my home while the Americana decor' will take a much needed rest.
Speaking of rest, I didn't get any of that today for sure. My daughter  launched her "It Works" business today at my house so I was in charge of set up, cleaning and take down. She had a nice group of ladies here to help her business set sail!

Phase one ... let's get relaxed. 

The cucumber water is icy cold and a tray of fresh veggies and raw almonds are a perfect snack for our mini spa day adventure.
We got the guests relaxed with cool cucumbers for the eyes, soothing spa sounds on the CD player and some cold water to flush their toxins! Told you this was a fun party!!
Here is Auntie Tanya getting in the "mood."

While all of us relaxed Tiffany explained the product line, how to using the Profit Powder to make an amazing, tasty smoothie and the advantage of the Wraps!
This cute little gal is Veanny, she is Tiffany's sponsor! She came out to share some more information and give Tiff some guidance through her first spa party.
Some very relaxed young ladies!
 My happy girl eager to get the party started. 
Thanks to all of the gals who came out and supported Tiffany on her new adventure. Her goal is to earn enough to pay for her wedding photographer! Good goal, lets wish her luck.

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