Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Lest Us NOT Forget ....

My dad fought in WWII and until the day he left this earth he always instilled in me the horrors of fighting in the war, but how important is was to put a man like Hitler "out of business." One small man destroyed thousands of lives and families in such a short period of time. It still amazes me how one mans voice could have the power to ruin so many. Now, close to 70 years later some want us to believe the deaths of Jews, catholics and many other innocent humans was "fake" it never really happened. I know better, I will NEVER forget.
So today, September 11 2013 I am reminded of the tragedy that occurred in our amazing country. Again, thousands of innocent people lost their lives and for those of us who survived we will be left with the memory and the loss. It's fresh in our minds, we are the first generation. Lets remember to pass this  story down to the next generations, lets not let them forget.


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