Saturday, September 14, 2013

Longaberger Road Trip!

With much anticipation several of my faithful Longaberger customers were at my home promptly at 10:00 am. Today we were heading south to Newport Beach to visit the always beautiful Rogers Gardens. As always they didn't let us down. Jewel, my 93 year treasure was so thrilled to see all the glorious flowers.
Jewel is in 7th Heaven being surrounded by flowers, she even wore the perfect dress for the day, loaded with flowers!
 The festive pumpkins were everywhere in all there orange, green and white colored glory ....
Just plain awesome!

I want all of these at my house ... each one is so unique in it's color, size and shape. I plan to make another trip back in early October to get my porch collection. With these warm temperatures I just need to hold off and wait for some cooler days!
Now I invite you to join me into the Haunted Gardens Night Gallery ... Booooooo, check out those creepy crows hovering above ...

The "Scream" was the official entrance greeter!
Scary cats, fuzzy little mice ...

And a glassed cabinet chock full of RATS! Yuck!!!!

Bazaar, creepy machines to create .....
Living Skeleton's! Another icky scene. Skeleton were EVERYwhere, and each one uglier then the one before it!!

A skeleton witch with a skeleton bird ....
A doll dressed for a haunted masquerade ...
And finally, a fabulous jewelry bar. Bracelets, broaches, spider rings and skulls.
 Shopping always stirs up an appetite and we were hungry shoppers. Our next stop was the California Pizza Kitchen aka CPK. It is soooo much more then pizza! 
Barb and ...

Marcia were the prize winners. Yes, Marcia is wearing a Red Hat bib, she didn't want to get salad dressing on her new Americana shirt! She is a hoot!
 Each of the ladies received a fun pumpkin to help them get ready for their fall decor'.
Seated and ready for some yummy good food!!
 It was such a wonderful day in Newport. A mild 79 degrees with a nice breeze made being outside amazing. 
I think Jewel had the best time of us all. She enjoyed cooler weather, a nice ride in her wheelchair and a delicious lunch.

 Thanks for helping me make some Autumnal memories!

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