Friday, September 13, 2013

A Night Visitor

Just ask anyone that knows me well and they will tell you I head up to bed about 9:00 every night. Last night I was working on the computer when I realized it was 10:00! Way past my bed time!! As I was finishing things up and shutting down the computer I heard the door handle rattle on the front door and suddenly someone knocked very loudly. I don't have visitors at night so I approached the door with caution. I asked who was there before unlocking the deadbolt and suddenly a face popped into the leaded glass windows on the side of the door. It was my son Dustin. He had just arrived in town to pick up a trailer he was having some work done on.
After thanking him for the heart attack and for calling me to let me know he was coming into town I invited him in! We stayed up until mid-night talking and catching up on his life. Generally when he is down he has the entire family in tow and there is never time for the two of us to just talk one on one. 
Sons are so different then daughters. They rarely call and when they do it's for a purpose, not to just chat. As a mom I love both of my children with all my heart and soul. Once my son moved away it felt like I lost a huge piece of my soul. Those random times when he would lay on my bed in the dark of the night and just talk about anything and everything were gone. Hearing his truck rumble into the driveway after work is now absent and even his "trail of trash" from fast food restaurants is missed.
He will never read this post, but if he did I want him to know how much our singular time together last night meant a lot to this mom.

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  1. Sweet! Thx for sharing :)
    That is how I feel about Mr. Gaverton even those he is 5... Love the night conversations he use to have with his grandma! :(