Monday, September 23, 2013

As Promised ....

I hadn't forgotten to post the pictures of my Longaberger branch meeting Hurricane lamp pictures, I just kept forgetting to put the pictures on my computer from my phone. Geeze, all this technology these days is so overwhelming!

To start off the Longaberger Fill-It Hurricanes are available for purchase in two sizes, medium and large. I have both and use them all the time for numerous displays. They are $30.00 and $35.00 plus shipping ans tax. Who said Longaberger was expensive!!! These are sooo affordable as well as multi-functional.

For this meeting Debbie's goal was to share ideas for fall and Christmas.
This is a medium hurricane filled with mini pine cones on the bottom, a small pedestal candle on the top level surrounded by mini gourds. Tied around the center is a festive ribbon and a floral pick from your favorite craft shop. So cute and So affordable, use the items from your yard, neighborhood or your closets!!
The following pictures are hurricane ideas I use in my home shows, using some of our other Longaberger products. 
I have the large Fill It Hurricane sitting on a foundry serving piece filled with orange glitter balls (thank you Paula) and the new Collector's Club Witch Hat sitting inside! To the right is a medium Hurricane filled with orange gum balls on the bottom with black foil wrapped chocolates in a circle and a Longaberger candle in the top portion. Bottom right is also a medium hurricane simply filled with Trick or Treat candies. Hiding in the back is the Longaberger stackable pumpkins available the month of September only.
 Another medium hurricane created by a fellow consultant ...
She filled hers with pumpkin scented potpourri and tucked in an unusual pillar candle. We added an orange burlap bow accented with another fall pick.
 My final hurricane was again done by Debbie with a Christmas feel!
Debbie has an awesome pepper tree in her back yard. She picked berries enough for everyone to use in their own hurricane. She filled the bottom with pepper berries, the top with a simple ivory colored candle, surrounded by mini pine cones with pieces of cinnamon sticks. A burlap rosette with another festive Christmas pick finishes the front! So darn cute.

 Do you want you own Fill-It Hurricane??? Just let me know in the comment section and I'll get one ordered for you just in time for the holidays coming our way in a few short month!

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