Tuesday, September 3, 2013

First Day of School ....

For numerous children across America today was their first official day of school. I'm never sure if it's harder on the child, the parents or the grandparents letting the child leave the safety of their nuturing nest to enter the world of school.

Today was especially hard for my very dear friend Tanya. Her little grandson Gavin went to kindergarten and into a classroom setting for the very first time. Tanya and Gavin remind me of my son and his Mimie, my mom. They have a "special" heart connection that is difficult to describe unless you've lived it. I was blessed to have watched it between my son and mom.

I watched as Tanya checked her watch and commented that Gavin was in school now. It was 11:15 am, school had begun. Later she muttered to herself, "I wonder how Gavin is doing?" As we raced on the Amtrak Surfliner towards home she received a picture from her daughter ... Tanya's little treasure was sitting on the classroom story rug chocking back tears. I silently said a prayer for my friend as she wiped her own eyes.
Gavin and his mommy Krystal

All aboard! In the car and off to begin a new adventure!
 When mommy asked Gavin how school was he said "it was fun, but I'm not going back anymore." Don't you wish life was that simple? Once he makes a friend in his classroom he will be OK and anxious to go to school. Until then, I will ask Jesus to hold him close as he makes this transition.

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  1. It's been a hard day and night for grandma and Gavin! I spoke to him last night over the phone and he cried telling me he needed to come and see me (Broke my heart!!) Me and Gavin hate change and this is a BIG one!Keep those prayers coming our way! We love you! Ralph