Thursday, September 12, 2013

Living Inside a Novel ....

Just yesterday I was sharing with a friend on facebook how much I envied her relationship with her sister. I always wanted a sister(s) however, I grew up an only child so my sisters resided in my favorite novels.
I never even realized until I was an adult and reading my favorite books for the 100th time that both of my favorite books were about sisters. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen and Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. I love the period settings of both novels. The clothes, the hair styles and such a simpler time to be alive. The Bennett girls with their giggles and joy as they prepared for the ball at Nether field Park and the March sisters huddled together in the attic dressed as gentlemen while they read their fictitious Pickwick Papers. I can visualize myself as a member of their family, living in between the pages and words. Fortunately for me I live in an era where many movies have been produced about both of these novels and I have to admit I have several additions of both!
A very pretty Elizabeth Bennett

A 1907 edition of the novel ....

Colin Firth is my favorite Mr. Darcy, so handsome and proper! This is a long movie 4 hours!! Perfect for a rainy day. I fantasize about being one of the Bennett girls every time I watch it!

Another favorite ... this is the most recent edition of Little Women and Winona Ryder makes just a perfect Jo March.

A paperback edition of the book. I have several hard back copies of Little Women that I have collected through the years. Whenever I visit an antique store I always check out the old books for an unusual copy.
This afternoon while attempting to cool off after doing some much needed yard work I found myself watching the movie "Kate and Leopold" with Meg Ryan and Hugh Jackman (so handsome!) It's a wonderful story set in both present time as well as the 1870's. Once again I felt myself slipping into the story and wanting to be a person living in the 1870's with Hugh. As these long hot days continue I urge you to pick up one of these novels and indulge yourself or take the easy route and rent one of these movies. Perfect way to escape while staying cool!

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