Tuesday, September 3, 2013

An Abe Kinda Day!!!

Oh my gosh what an awesome day! Two of my dear friends and I boarded the Amtrak this morning and headed south to Solana Beach. A cute little beach village along the coast in San Diego County.
Tanya is taking care of some last minute business calls while we wait for our very LATE train!

A view from our train window ... the beautiful Pacific Ocean!

Some guests residing at the Solana Beach train station ...
After a beautiful ride down the coast we finally arrived at our destination. Usually the coast is a cool and enjoyable place to be in the heat of summer. Not so much this year, it was even hot and muggy along the coast!
Cedros Ave .... a Designer's Dream street. Very unusual shops with some very cool stuff!!

I LOVED the architecture of the shops. From Camp Pendleton (Marine Corps Base) all the way to San Diego (primarily Navy)  the coast is dominated with our armed forces. During the 40's when most of these bases were developed the Quonset Hut was a staple building on any base. These round topped business's were designed to pay tribute to this beach communities military heritage. Just plain awesome ...

A cute shop ... it was closed today.

Another fun shop with very unique home decor' items ....
 And finally, we reached our destination. I was a long, hot, sweaty walk for this gimpy girl with a bum knee!
Here we are! Studio Penny Lane. For a girl who's favorite President is Abraham Lincoln this is a piece of Abe heaven!!

Allie, one if their adorable shop girls ... this staff was so awesome! Friendly, helpful, creative the whole package!

Along with fresh pink lemonade this was set up for us! Tanya let them know were coming down via the train today and they were all set up for us. Shopping AND food, my two favorite things!!
 This is a tiny little shop that is focused on jewelry using what else??? The Abraham Lincoln Penny!! Rings, bracelets, necklaces, belt buckles and earrings all featuring a penny. There are numerous canning jars filled with pennies dating back to 1920! I had a necklace created using a 1953 penny, my birth year.
My necklace ... A wheat back 1953 60 year old penny adorned with a dove. Love it!
I made some other great purchases however I can not put them on my blog as they just might possibly be gifts!
Some shots inside the shop ...

A happy Ronna resting her feet! Love these Abe hats.

Getting ready for our photo shoot ....

Ronna, Me and shop owner Laura. Isn't she just too cute?? The jars behind us are full of pennies!
After a couple of hours at Studio Penny Lane it was time for us to head back to the station to catch our north bound train. It was a good thing those wonderful girls fed us because we ran out of time to have any lunch.

This is a gorgeous train station with GREAT air conditioning! Do you notice something about the architecture?? Yep, there is that Quonset hut roof again.

The girls are in their seats and we're ready to go ....

Going south we had a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean. Going home what do we see? Big old clouds full of humidity. Yuck, yuck, yuck!
If you are ever in Solana Beach go and visit Studio Penny Lane and tell them the crazy OC girls sent you!

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