Friday, June 22, 2012

A walk down memory lane ...

My 30 plus year old daughter and her boyfriend Shaun have passes to Disneyland. Meaning they can go often at no additional cost. She lives just a couple of mile from the park so the two of them do go OFTEN! They are two very big kids.
Their goal for this year is to ride every ride in both parks and seek out the hidden Mickey's. Most recently Tiffany posted a picture of herself on the Dumbo ride that brought tears to my eyes.
Photo: Mimie is here with me in spirit ALWAYS!!  I love my Mimie.
 "Mimie is here with me in spirit ALWAYS" This is the message  and picture she posted on Facebook.

While I was raising my children my mom was always with us. She went on vacations, amusement parks, emergency rooms, dance recitals, soccer games etc. The kids depended on her as much as I did. I have a treasured picture of Tiffany riding this very same ride and Mimie is sitting in the Dumbo with her. I doubt if she has ridden Dumbo since she was small so when she and Shaun rode it again she wanted to take a picture with her Mimie in the ride with her in spirit.

 This is Tiffany at 4 1/2 years old, the same day she rode Dumbo with her Mimie. Her little brother Dustin is in the stroller, wow ... his mother really dresses him funny, poor little guy. The other little girl??? No clue, Tiffany has always chatted with everyone so this is probably a new friend for the day!
As the years fly by I find it almost bittersweet when looking at old pictures. I ask myself that age old question, "where has time gone?" The kids are all grown, I have wrinkles to confirm I'm getting old and Mimie is a fond memory. My wish is I too will be someday a fond memory to my children and grandchildren. 

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