Monday, June 11, 2012

Bowl Fillers ....

While my girlfriend Amy was here for a visit we got creative one day and this is what became of it ....
 Very cute little slices of watermelon. I have them nestled in my dough bowl along with the pineapples, woven balls, gourds and other misc. items. 
 Here is a close up, cute huh? How do you make these you ask. Really simple. You take a Brazil Nut and paint the entire nut red. Let it dry and paint the bottom green, let that dry and add a light green stripe and an off white strip between the green and red. 
When everything is dry you add your little black seeds! Very easy and very fun to do.
One problem, at least here in California. Brazil Nuts are only available with the shells off. However, they will be out in the fall with the mixed nuts, and you can also order them on line. When fall does arrive I plan to buy lots of these little guys and make  orange, lemon and lime slices for summer 2013!

This isn't exactly a bowl but I did fill it!! At Christmas I has this full of pine cones, they were getting pretty dusty and dull so I decided to give them and the glass jar a good cleaning. Since it's baseball season, and I'm a big fan I decided putting all my baseballs in the jar would be a perfect fit. Mickey Mouse decided he wanted to join them so there you have it ... Mason Jar filler!

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