Saturday, June 2, 2012

Home Tour!!

Yesterday I spent the day at my friend Penny's house sewing. Rita, Penny and myself meet once a month to work on a quilting project, chat, eat and plan our next adventure. So, yesterday  was no different. Except ... I added photography into the mix. Yep, I had my trusty used camera with me and thought "hey, this is a good chance to share Penny's home with my blog buddies!" Her home is just the best.
 The player piano ... the Americana sheet music was a gift from Ms Paula! She was selling it at her garage sale and I had just the right spot for it! The two documents above the piano are new. These are her grandparents high school diplomas, 1900 and 1908 and they are so beautiful.

A shot from the living room going upstairs. All the cross stitch pieces you might see have been done by Penny as well as the quilts!
Kitchen dining area, while I'm running around the house Penny is busy preparing a wonderful shrimp quiche. 
Family room - see  the window on the left. Well, there is a fat little sparrow that sits on a branch and pecks on the window. It sees how beautiful it is in here and wants to become a house sparrow. However, Penny and Bob (her hubby) are not to interested in having it come inside.
 Laundry room, shot #1
Shot #2. I know this sounds nuts but this is one of my favorite spots in the house. No one has a laundry room this cool.
The view from the dining room where we sew. Not to bad is it!
And finally, Thimbles. She is the family Schnauzer and such a cutie. She came running down the drive way to meet me when I arrived this morning. Betsy always has to give me a good sniffing when I get home.
This is what happens when you put fabric on the floor ... Thimbles thought I was making her a bed.
Next time ... Rita's house!!


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