Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Date with Nature

Take a left at the arrow and you will enter into the majestic Red Rock Canyon. Only 30 minutes from the insanity of the Las Vegas Strip sits one of natures wonders. Joe and I wandered over to the canyon looking for something new to explore and we found it.  
Unfortunately my camera just did not capture the true beauty of the canyon and the vibrant color of the red rocks.    
This is as close to the rocks as I was willing to get. It was a mere 106 degrees outside and there were people climbing this mound of red! Yes, the heat makes you do really crazy things. Its hard to see but there are patches of green bushes growing right out of the rocks. Native to this terrain are rattlesnakes, scorpions, poisonous spiders, wild horses and donkeys. Except for the latter two I could see no reason for me to get out of the car! 
My hope in taking this picture was to show you the color stripes in the rocks. They start our white, then red and the top is white again. They truly are beautiful. The little red rock balancing close to the top reminds me of a nose sitting on a face. I wonder how long before it topples to the ground. 
Another picture that just does not show justice the thew majesty of this mountain. It is straight up and down and chiseled with deep crevasses.
The total drive was 13 miles but with many stops and the slow speed it took us over an hour to see the canyon. If you ever travel to Las Vegas, be sure to take an hour or two and visit one of natures wonders!
Second part of the day ....
After my shower I needed to do some Longaberger business. If you have a lap top and a credit card terminal you can just about do business anywhere!
Even on the hotel room floor under the desk! Yep, this is the only place I could find a phone jack and an electrical outlet together. I bet Mr Westin had no idea all the uses his hotel rooms could be used for .... I'll leave you to your imagination, after all it's Vegas baby!  

I am excited to see the finished product!
All I need to do now is take it to the long arm quilter, bind it and voila, it's complete!!  
 Once I completed my Longaberger business I got busy and finished my Row Quilt. I was also able to cut out 4 blocks to begin my new Mill City Quilt. Woo hoo, I missed quilting with my buddies today but I still got the work done!

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