Friday, June 29, 2012

After our day at Hoover Dam Joe took a nap and I baked a few hours at the pool with a little refreshment ....
A customized Mojito, so yummy!! Then I needed a nap!
When Tiffany was off work Joe and I wanted to take for dinner at her favorite Hotel ... the Cosmopolitan and a meal of Sushi, which by the way I don't like! 
This is Tiffany's meal, no clue what it is.

Joe's is Shrimp and vegetable Tempura ....

Tiffany and Joe

And Joe and myself, by the way ... I had salad!

These are all crystals that are draped above the central bar. Absolutely stunning! 
 This morning Tiffany headed off to her final day at work and Joe and I headed for home. It's a long and for the most part boring drive so I napped a little, looked out the window ...
Saw this sign ...yep, here in the great west we have ghost towns, here's proof!  
This was also interesting. They are slowing us down to do an inspection, but they don't inspect anything, they don't even get near the car! I could have had a car full of bug infested fruit and vegetables and they could have cared less! I want to know how much they are paid, and how do I get a job??
So, we are home now in a nice, comfortable 80 degree temperature and all is well.
Tomorrow you ask??? A Longaberger outing with the ladies on home design! So excited!!

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