Sunday, June 24, 2012

Let the Party Begin!

I love birthdays! Especially mine, even if it involves getting another year older. Yesterday my daughter Tiffany decided it was time to get the party started ... even though it's about 10 days early!! I was all for it. She scheduled pedicures for us at the most fabulous nail spa. This place is amazing and is boasted to be the #1 nail spa in Orange County. With 100's of these places in the OC this is a BIG deal!

Here we are all nestled into our spa chairs soaking our feet in some hot water with blue stuff in it that smelled really good! Yes, those are Micky D's coffee cups you see! 

Ahhh, a toast of champagne to me, yep they serve champagne and other beverages. These pics are looking blurry and I know why, I'm sitting in a massage chair and my whole body was vibrating, including my cell phone!

And a little plate of yummy treats. I already ate the little coconut cookie/crackers. They are my favorites! Champagne, iced coffee and treats, oh life just doesn't get any better then this.

All done, aren't they bootiful???

Here is a stunning close up of my Americana toes! 
I am a very lucky mom, My son and the grandkidlets will be down next Sunday just in time to spend my birthday with me! So excited. 

Tomorrow Joe and I head to Las Vegas to spend the week with Tiffany. She works ... we play ...

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