Monday, June 18, 2012

Sewing 101 ...

This is how it all begins. You tag along with someone with a passion for fabrics. You stand around, shifting from foot to foot trying not to look too board. All around you are myriads of fabric colors and patterns, then suddenly you see something that you love, you want it, you ask yourself "can I possibly do this?" That was my friend Tanya a few days ago in Temecula. She was bit by the quilt bug!!
So today was sewing lesson 101 and she did an awesome job.
Lesson #1, cutting with a rotary cutter ... always tricky, always fun. 

 Lesson #2 Pinning on the boarders and sewing ... a straight line!
 Lesson #3 - Ironing, steam or no steam the million dollar question.
All done! Now we're hitting the road to visit Susie, the long arm quilter! She is one happy girl and ready to make another one. I think a new quilter is born.

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