Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hoover Dam ... Wow!

I visited Hoover Dam so many years ago that I don't even remember who I was with. In those days we took an elevator down into the huge wall of the Dam and we could see the water and (hear it) gushing over us through a window. I was so scared at the time. This trip was different. Joe doesn't walk well any more so we saw the sights via a car. Wow, it is one amazing structure and the tributes to the many men who worked and lost their lives on the Dam are everywhere.
 It's just amazing to me that men were able to achieve such a fete as the Hoover Dam in the era of the 1930's. Technology was so minimal compared to what we have today. So many of these workers fell to their deaths while working, you can almost feel the eireness of death all around us.
This is a bronze sculpture of a worker scaling a wall, this is featured outside the welcome center. Look at the awesome blue sky!
The tower on the right is for the State of Nevada, and the left is for Arizona. The dam divides the two states.

The water level is dangerously low! The white area is generally covered in water.
These electrical cities were EVEY where! It is just mind boggling how much energy the Hoover Dam generates! 
Loved this bridge. It spans across the dam and connects Nevada and Arizona. Also, remember the red rocks? Well they have them here too! Many of the rocks were used back in the 30's to build the walls, like the one pictured. If you look closely you can see how they have eroded over the years. 

As Joe and I are headed back to town I see a little sign that says "Historic Boulder City" Home of Hoover Dam. Well, I love historic towns so I wanted to go and Joe was a good sport to make a left turn. There were several small homes that looked similar to this ...
The common feature is they are all made from brick made locally in the 30's. Recognize the colors! This home has been added on to. The garage and the building above it are an addition, does that give you a better idea of how small these little homes truly were.
 I saw two of them for sale, however, Joe was not excited about living in 110 degree heat a large majority of the year! Like Hoover Dam there were several bronze statue memorials around this historic district.
From the image of this guy I am guessing it was really hot back in the 30's as well! This fella is really buff isn't he? Direcly across the street is a bronze lady dressed in the 30's fashion running towards him ... I would have been running towards him too!! This little town is an antique lovers paradise, I can feel a "road trip" when the weather cools! 
Welcome to Goat Feathers Emporium. Isn't the name a hoot??? Loaded with antiques, art, giftables and crafts. I only took a peek as Joe was in the car burning up! This little own had to have 6 to 10 antique shops!! Woo hoo!! 
 And finally as we headed out of town I asked Joe to make a stop at an interesting road side shop .... Here is what I found.
It's Mr. Yankee Doodle Anty and his tiny side kick! As a 4th of July birthday girl he just had to come home with me! 
 Joe and I will depart at early thirty tomorrow morning to beat the desert heat. Chat with y'all soon!

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